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In 2013, banks and credit unions collected over $30 billion in overdraft fees from their most vulnerable and unsuspecting customers.

Were you charged an overdraft fee from your bank or credit union?

You may be able to recover your overdraft fees and more from your bank or credit union.

What are Illegal or Unfair Overdraft Fees?

  • deceptively marketing overdraft programs that are designed by the bank or credit union to increase overdraft fees, but referring to those practices as “overdraft protection,” “Courtesy Pay,” or “Overdraft Coverage”;
  • posting transactions from high to low order in order to increase the number and amount of overdraft fees when the account is overdrawn;
  • providing inaccurate balances to customers leading them to unknowingly overdraft their account;
    inserting arbitration provisions in contracts that bar customers from participating in class action lawsuits against the banks or credit unions;
  • delaying the processing of deposits; and
  • determining overdraft fees based on inaccurate balances;

Contact McCune to learn more about your rights.

Why McCune? McCuneWright has obtained a verdict of $203 million against Wells Fargo and settled for $35 million with Bank of America for illegal overdraft fees.

If you have been charged overdraft fees that you feel are unfair or excessive, let McCuneWright review your charges to determine if your bank or credit union is engaging in collecting illegal fees.

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