Excessive Overdraft or NSF Fees?

You May Qualify to File a Class Action Lawsuit to Recover Those Fees

Illegal Bank Fees Current Investigations

Overdraft & NSF Fees
In Recent Class Actions, Banks and Credit Unions Have Been Forced to Pay Customers Back Over $1 Billion in Overdraft and NSF Fees Banks and credit unions have been collecting billions of dollars in unfair overdraft and NSF fees from customers. In a trial against
Delay of Electronic Bank Payments
Banks May Have Unjustly Retained Millions of Dollars from Customers’ Interest-Bearing Accounts Many banks offer their customers checking and savings accounts, many of which are interest-bearing, and governed by Deposit Agreements – contracts that dictate the terms of the relationship between the bank and its
Excessive ATM Fees
Certain Financial Institutions Are Charging Customers Unfair or Illegal Fees When Using an ATM Not Owned by the Bank or Credit Union Some financial institutions have been collecting unfair ATM fees from customers. These institutions—banks and, especially, credit unions—used to earn money by issuing loans
Other Investigations
Illegal Bank Fees is handling the investigations of many financial institutions for their unfair practices. If you feel that your bank is performing unfair practice, please check into this section for any update on your financial institution